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From the Office of the Superintendent

Dear Kent County Public School Family,

The Kent County Public Schools promotes a safe and orderly atmosphere in all our schools and will not tolerate anyone who engages in bullying or harassment motivated by ethnicity, race, religion, sexual-orientation, or gender identity. When a student reports harassment allegations, these matters become a high priority and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken as warranted. We also plan to revisit the bullying policy with our students, specifically outlining the definitions of bias behavior.

Educating all Kent County Public School students in a safe and respectful environment is part of the district’s mission. Understanding and appreciating the differences and diversity of our community is a priority; hate and prejudice in any form is not acceptable. On December 11, 2019, all teachers in the Kent County Public School System attended  an Equity and Excellence Training to deepen their knowledge and understanding of implicit bias and culturally responsive practices. KCPS pledges our commitment to partner with the community to work diligently to create a climate of tolerance and acceptance for every student who enters our doors – regardless of the color of their skin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or social economic status.


Dr. Karen M. Couch, Superintendent

From the Office of the Superintendent

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