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Dr. Mary Boswell-McComas, Dr. LeTrecia Gloster and Dr. Dawn Lucarelli

With initial interview rounds complete in the search for our next Superintendent of Schools, the Kent County Board of Education has announced that the three finalists are: Dr. Mary Boswell-McComas, Dr. LeTrecia Gloster and Dr. Dawn Lucarelli. Learn more about the candidates and the search process at
Voice Recognition
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Early Childhood

Blueprint: An overview from Kent County Public Schools – w/ link

A teacher reads to early learners
Professional Development
LETRS training providers pre-kindergarten and kindergarten teachers and elementary school administrators with deep knowledge to be literacy and language experts in the science of reading.
Developed by renowned literacy experts Dr. Louisa Moats, Dr. Carol Tolman, and Dr. Lucy Hart Paulson, it is a flexible literacy professional learning solution for educators and administrators.

LETRS teaches the skills needed to master the fundamentals of reading instruction: phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, writing, and language.

Early Learning Resources
• Books for children when registering for pre-K
Raising a Reader is a program that is fostered in every Kent County elementary school in the three-year-olds program, pre-K, the Judy Center, and local daycare partners. Teachers periodically share and model strategies for families to use at home with the books. As the Raising a Reader website states, “Raising a reader helps families develop, practice, and maintain home literacy routines. Three to four high quality multicultural books are rotated home weekly to help families create home-based literacy routines.”
• Summer Academy materials, Ready for Pre-K backpacks

Activities for Ages 3-5
• Summer Playgroups held from June to August 2021 
• Summer learning academy for pre-K and kindergarten students — extended CSW curriculum
• Tutor to support classroom teachers in pre-K classes during the school year 2021-22
• Parent support seminars: "Bedtime routines that work"; "How to handle anxiety, tantrums, and meltdowns"; "Social emotional learning"

Click here to download an Early Literacy Brochure.

Judy Center
The Judy Center Partnership is a collaboration of many community agencies in Kent County dedicated to providing comprehensive, community based, early learning programs for pre-school children and their families. 

We believe that all children should enter school ready to learn, and that their families are the foundation for their children’s early success. 

Learn more about the Judy Center Partnership at