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Dr. Mary Boswell-McComas, Dr. LeTrecia Gloster and Dr. Dawn Lucarelli

With initial interview rounds complete in the search for our next Superintendent of Schools, the Kent County Board of Education has announced that the three finalists are: Dr. Mary Boswell-McComas, Dr. LeTrecia Gloster and Dr. Dawn Lucarelli. Learn more about the candidates and the search process at
Voice Recognition
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Early Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction

Blueprint: An overview from Kent County Public Schools – w/ link

Tutoring and supplemental instruction is available in elementary classrooms.
Kent County Public Schools (KCPS) hired school-based tutors to offer transitional supplemental instruction for identified struggling learners.
This Blueprint funding provides an opportunity for students who are not on track to read at grade level by grade 3 to get 1-1 and small group tutoring by a trained professional. 
The process includes screening, identifying and addressing deficits, and ongoing progress monitoring. 
TSI funds will continue to be provided over a six-year period.
Sound Partners Tutoring
Sound Partners is a research-based tutoring program that provides individual instruction in early reading skills. 
Sound Partners benefit students in kindergarten through second grade who are learning to read as well as intervention for students in second and third grade. 
Tutors utilize the program during the school day providing direct, one-on-one instruction following the scripted tutor lesson handbook.
ESOL Support
KCPS hired an ESOL family liaison as well as additional English Learners (EL) support staff to support identified students and increase family engagement. 
These staff members provide interpreting and translating services. They work with classroom teachers to identify students not succeeding academically and provide guidance and family support. 
KCPS also has purchased programs such as Lexia English to enrich the English language development of our students and Imagine Espanol to accelerate students’ home language and promote dual literacy.
Click here to learn more about KCPS' ESOL Support.